Villa Doria Pamphili

Villa Pamphili

This is definitely my favourite park of Rome. Although it may not be the most beautiful and maybe not the most central one, is surely one of the biggest and to me has a special meaning. Since I was a little boy I was brought here by my parents and then as I grew older this was the place where I spent my teenager week-ends. Apart from my personal feeling, this is the place where people, at least form the north west areas of Rome come to have a picnic during the first Sundays of spring.

I, myself, nowadays like to come here for many purposes, jogging, reading a book, enjoy the sunshine, cycling, walking, enjoy the nature.
However, whatever is yours, I think you can find amongst those above a valid reason to pop insometimes during your staying in Rome.

This park, Villa Pamphili, has got, also two little ponds where many animals can be seen. Carps, turtles, ducks, swans. Ideal if you have kids. Also during middle spring some concerts are organized in one of the many entrances, Porta di S.Pancrazio.

Do not come here in the middle of summer though. Everything is too dry and too hot to enjoy it all.

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