Trajan column

Piazza Venezia

Just beneath the Quirinal hill, one of the seven on which Rome was founded, and between Piazza Venezia and the Coliseum, stands one of my favourite spots, the Trajan column.

Built from 107-113 AD in the “Foro di Traiano” as a commemoration of the victory over the Dacia, what it is now called Romania. The Column represents also, amazingly, the height of the Quirinale’s hill before being dismantled. In fact 61 millions of cubic meters of soil were removed from the above hill to make room for this pilaster. Something that even nowadays will be unbelievable.

It is said that in order to carve and raise such a column with the current technology, it would take 2 whole years. Not much less than it took the clever Romans. That to me is extraordinary!

The column it’s 30 meters high itself, and reaches 35 with the pedestal. Made of 20 drums of Carrara’s marble each weighing something like 30 tons. Could you believe that? Remarkable.

Romans left here a piece of commemorative architecture which was emulated as its significance in the centuries to come.

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