Tiramisu I do understand that for most visitors to Italy, that when it comes to having an Italian dessert, they are familiar with Panna cotta, Gelato and Tiramisù, after all these are the most popular ones available overseas. I have had many people ask me where they can get authentic Tiramisù in Rome, and I tell them, at my place of course!

In Rome, most of the places sell these desserts because they know the tourists would like these, but in any cases they are probably not even made by an Italian! With ice cream it is easy to get it right, as almost everywhere you will find ones of good quality, especially when comparing with the ones sold abroad. However, the same cannot be said for Panna cotta and Tiramisù. What really matters are the freshness of the ingredients, and how much time has passed between the dessert having been made, and when you actually eat it. Of the many places you will find, they would have probably made the dessert in bulk, so maybe, by the time that you order it, it has been 2 or more days since it was made.

Tiramisù means pull me up, and in the old times it had the purpose of being a natural Viagra as it is full of coffee and made with eggs.
I make two kinds of Tiramisù, I prepare these fresh, the same day which is it served to my guests. The first one is the original version, paying attention to buy the best ingredients, preparing a custard, then whipping fresh mascarpone with marsala wine, dipping sponge fingers with coffee, and assembling these carefully in to individual portions. The second one is a strawberry one, which I have recently tried because strawberries are in season in Summer, and it has been as successful as the traditional one!


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