Temple of Hadrian – Ancient & modern melted

Temple of HadrianStrolling around Rome, between Via del Corso and Pantheon, look for this peculiar square “Piazza della Pietra” (Square of stone). I think it is one of the magic little squares of the city, hidden behind some narrow streets. Once you are here, you will certainly notice the ancient columns attached to another more modern building (Chamber of commerce) by Carlo Fontana. When I first saw this place I was completely turned on by its extravaganza. In fact the remaining eleven columns were once part of the lateral side of the Temple of Hadrian built back in the 145 AC. Which means almost 2000 years ago!

From the original temple 4 of the 15 columns were lost from the surviving side. The reason why the new building was built alongside with the ancient one was to create a dialogue between classic culture and the contemporary one. I like the idea of it very much.

Also the congress room inside can be rented for private functions. This maybe is the best example of how through centuries , however starting from 1600, the artists who worked on this city could melt together ancient and modern without destroying any site.


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