St. Peter optical trick

St. Peter

Out of the beaten track there’s one of my must-see, most curious places I take every tourist who comes to Rome. Like the peculiarity of St. Peter in the key-hole, in the Aventino’s hill. This is an even more magnificent optical trick that will leave you astonished. Just on the top of the hill that grows on one side of Via Gregorio VII, close to Aurelia Antica road, there is this short road called Niccolò Piccolomini. Go there and have a look at the St. Peter’s dome from whichever point you may fancy.

Till now nothing extraordinary. Now, decide to walk in one direction and after a dozens of steps, stop and see the far away dome again…
you will definitely notice that the size of it has changed. In fact as you walk far from the view of the dome, it becomes bigger. And as you walk towards it becomes smaller. Strange but true.

If you are ever doubtful about it, please do go and check it yourself. You will be impressed by it.

You are not victim of some Copperfield personification. It is just an illusion that can be understood only if you know a bit about the prospective rules…


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