Rome tips

 This section includes tips such as public transport, where to stay in Rome and how to stay connected.

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About three million people live in the Italian Capital, so it’s not as massive as many other cities in the world. But the fact that it’s an ancient city, full of archaeological sites and historical buildings, with thSubway mape modern city built around it, has not helped the public transport system to develop in the best way. The city lacks a very efficient underground system. Rome has mainly only 2 subway lines, called A and B. A third one (C) is partially working but not very handy as it reaches not so touristic areas.

The two main lines cross each other at the main train station Termini, which is also the main train station for the national and international railway services.

So, chances are, if you are taking a train from or to another city in Italy, or another European country, you would get off at Termini if your start point or destination is Rome.

The historical city centre stops are Repubblica, Barberini, Spagna, Repubblica, Ottaviano, Cipro and San Giovanni for the lane A. Cavour, Colosseo, Circo Massimo, Piramide and San Paolo for the lane B.

The subway system operates from 5.30 am till 11.30 pm Monday to Thursday and Sunday every 5/7 minutes. And Friday and Saturday from 5.30 am till 1.30 am. While the buses operate till midnight and after that a night service goes on.

One of the airports in Rome, Fiumicino, is quite well connected to Termini station by train, which takes 35 minutes and run every half an hour, or by bus, which takes 60 minutes. While the other airport, Ciampino, provides only scheduled buses that takes about 40 minutes. Be aware of the time and day, as all the journeys may take you much longer than expected. Taxis can be very expensive, especially if you are a solo traveler, and not quicker at times, because of the traffic. I advise you to ask always, the estimated fare before getting on board.

Here are some fares for the public transport in Rome:

  • Subway and Bus (tickets can be purchased at any subway stop either by the vending machine operating 24h, or by the counters operating till from 8 am till 8pm. Or also in many shops in town called “Tabacchi” which mainly sell postcards and cigarettes. Be careful at Termini station as there are many Gypsies who help people at the vending machines but then they ask for money)

Bit (€ 1,50) Valid for 100 minutes, limitless for bus and one subway ride

24H (€ 7,00)  Valid for 24.00 hours starting from the first time you use it limitless for bus and subway

48H (€ 12,50) Valid for 48.00 hours starting from the first time you use it limitless for bus and subway

72H (€ 18,00) Valid for 72.00 hours starting from the first time you use it limitless for bus and subway

Cis (€ 24,00) Valid for 7 days till the 24.00 of your last day, limitless on bus and  subway

Mensile personale (€ 35,00) Valid for the whole month

  • Bus from and to the airports Fiumicino and Ciampino (There are many different companies kiosks where you can find return tickets at the airports or at Termini Station)  From 4€ one way
  • Train from and to Fiumicino airport (you can get the tickets either on line or at Termini Station/Fiumicino Airport 14 € one way
  • Taxi from and to the airports Fiumicino and Ciampino (There are parades outside the arrivals or you can call them on 06 35 70) From 50€ one way
  • Uber does not really work properly yet for some administrative issues

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Where to stay while in Rome

roomsChoosing a place to stay in Rome can be difficult if you are new to the city.

Here are some tips based on my experience.

First of all let me say that in any area you will decide to stay is a compromise. So in order to get an accommodation to the right neighbourhood you need to decide if you are more into sightseeing, night life, relaxing and so on.

The town centre itself is not very big but opting to stay in the wrong area can be a hassle in terms of moving around. In fact the city is only connected by two subways which do not reach everywhere.

Town centre, where most of the day tourist attractions are, is very handy for sightseeing but can be quite far if you decide to spend the night in a more lively area such as Trastevere. And it also can be expensive as it is the most ancient part of the city and lodging is expensive.

Termini station is full of hostels and hotels and it is practical for and from the airports but dodgy day and night. Full of immigrants and gypsies.

Vatican area is nice and safe but very quiet at night where all the shops and restaurants are mostly shut.

Trastevere, which is one the most lively part of the city at night, is not easy to reach by public transport and can be very noisy if you are looking for a relaxing time.

As you can see there is not a best area. It really depends on what you are looking for from your staying in Rome.

Recently I have had many visitors ask me about the best places to stay in Rome. So I decided to put together this short article of my personal recommendations for accommodation in Rome. These are rooms and holiday rentals of a good quality and good value for money, especially if you are looking for something which has got more privacy than a hostel. These places are all also very handy and located close to the very centre of town or to the subway.

The price depends on the season and period of year and starts from 25€ a night per person.

Depending on the time of year and your duration of stay in Rome it might be possible to contact them privately for special pricing.

Close to Vatican Museum metro line A Ottaviano/Cipro

Name: Francesca
Phone/Whataspp: +393396646369

Close to Termini main train station Metro line A and B Termini

Name: Nino
Phone/Whataspp: +393396695474

Close to Vatican Museum metro line A Ottaviano/Cipro
Name: Sabrina
Phone/Whataspp: +393331217841

Close to Vatican Museum metro line A Cornelia
Name: Francesca
Phone: +393400068185

 Internet in Rome


I know how important it is to be connected when abroad, and being a traveller myself, anywhere I go I want the freedom to go on-line,

to share, and to stay connected with friends & family.

Unfortunately in Rome, and in fact in Italy, we are not as efficient as many other industrialised countries in Europe, and finding wifi in public places to keep connected is not always easy. Of course, the majority of hostels, hotels and camping sites have their own wifi, but when you leave the accommodation it can be very hard to find a new connection point, especially a reliable one.
Therefore, in order to stay in touch with the virtual world, get a local Rome sim card that you can use all around Italy and ask for a monthly arrangement.

Usually the deals are quite convenient and most of the providers allow you to use internet up to 4 or 5GB which is a lot if you do not download stuff, and quite enough if you need it just to use apps, Whatsapp, Facebook, we-chat and so on.

In my opinion is quite useless to buy sim’s at the airport as those companies are not well covered.
The main ones are TIM, 3, Wind and Vodafone. Prices and data may vary. Below you find some offers for your local sims in Italy that I personally went to check. Of course they may vary due to promotions and seasonality.

Sim Cost: €10, plus €10 for choosing the offer and €3 to activate it. Total €23
Internet: 4GB
Store Locator
3 (
Sim Cost: €20 with €10 credit
Internet: 5GB
Store Locator
Wind (
Sim Cost: €10 plus €12 for the credit
Internet: 4GB
Store Locator
Vodafone Vodafone (
Sim Cost: €30 (with 22€ of credit)
Internet: 1Gb a month for 5€, 2GB a month for 10€, 3GB a month for 14€, 4GB a month for 19€, 5GB a month for 29€
Store Locator


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