Porta del Popolo – A door to the eternal city

Porta del Popolo

Porta del Popolo is the meeting place I choose to meet the tourists I take around. Although this door of the old cityis not a very touristic spot, I think that entering the capital from this gate is one of the most suggestive way to introduce Rome. Of course just behind it there’s a very visited square, Piazza del Popolo, but unless you have to pass here to go somewhere particular, you’ll never come across this entrance. This path through the door, was used for many purposes during history. First as an entrance, then as a celebrative, commemorative path. Then it became a traffic crossing, till it became just a walking access to the city.
The current door was built in the 16th century over the old one.

The internal facade is by Bernini and the external was supposed to be built by Michelangelo the great who, however, gave this duty to another artist. The columns on the outside were brought here from the old Basilica of Saint Peter. The statues in between them, Peter and Paul, instead were made for the San Paul Basilica but they were refused and the artist maker was not even paid for his effort.

Now that you know a bit of its history, cross the door and be marveled by the eternal city.

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