Martignano lake – A spot deep in the green

Martignano lake

Here’s the place where I come during the hot days of spring and summer. Away from the crowded beach and traffic.
This is the most relaxing place to chill out. Martignano’s lake
Martignano lake is probably the less known in the region of Lazio. Just beside the much bigger Bracciano one, this little basin preserves all its ecological site. It’s a green pearl just outside Rome. It was one of the last inland sea of hot water to cool down after the volcanic era. And for that there’s a mythological saying that its water is the warmest.
Probably this fact it’s true but the reason could be associate to its small measure. That’s what I reckon. However, reaching this place can be quite difficult.

In fact from the summer 2011, it’s impossible to get to with your own transport.

It used to be a very dusty parking just above it. Now instead, in order to protect this little oasis from massive tourism there is a schedule bus which set off from a less sandy parking area at about 3 km from it. Avoid week ends though where can be overcrowded.

The lake is located on the top of a hill, 207 meters above sea level and its water is also very deep, 60 meters.
The basin itself, though, is surrounded by an amazing green area. If you need a relaxing day off the chaotic city, take your time and spend the whole day in its peaceful atmosphere. You will come out with a clear mind.

Take with you drinking water and food though as there are not the kiosks anymore.

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