Lasagna home made

Home cooking

When it comes to eating Italian food what is the most mouthwatering dish you can think of? Lasagna is definitely one of them!

I am sure when you go out to Italian restaurants you may find this typical dish almost everywhere. But after you try the home made one you will certainly understand the difference from a touristic, industrial food to the authentic one, tasty one.

In fact Lasagna is a dish with a long cooking procedure. It has many varieties all over the country.
Some add on besciamella (a milky cream), mushroom, sausage, whole eggs, and even salami. But over here we like to keep this dish simple and healthy. My Mum starts to make its sauce the day before.

A mix of spices, olive oil and minced meat that has to cook gently for at least two hours.

Then the pasta dough has to be created based on flour and eggs and made eventually into pasta layers with a special pasta machine.. Eventually these layers will be pre-boiled in water and salt before putting them to cook into the oven with all the other ingredients.

Then when the lunch or dinner time is about to approach, she places all the pasta in a special ceramic container adding on every layer the sauce and the mozzarella cheese evenly  and carefully fitting all the empty spots. After all that is done she waits the oven to do the rest for half an hour.

Of course all these procedures take hours and effort but of course the taste is very different. Now you may wonder why we are so fussy about food.

Buon appetito…

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