Cooking with Fresh Produce

VegetablesYes, we are very fanatic about food. Sometimes people from abroad do not really get why it can take us ages to prepare a meal.

Let me start with saying, that for Italians what really matters is the quality of our food that they we are going to ingest. Eating is not at all a procedure of stomach filling but much more a celebration, pleasure for our body and mind. A sharing experience. A chance to talk and to enjoy life. First of all, it has to be healthy, this means the origin, freshness, taste – quality of the ingredients are very important.

So, in order to achieve this, to get the best food possible we do not shop in supermarkets much. Instead we choose specific vendors and food shops, for specific groceries.

This needs advanced planning, there is a day, and shop for vegetables, another place for poultry, another for salumi, for fruit, for cheese, for bread – everything. All chosen with care and attention, to ensure that we have the best on our table, for us, for our family and for our guests to enjoy food at our table, to the maximum extent.

Italian style!

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