I supplì – Best supplì in Rome

I Supplì

On a quiet lazy noon, after having shown and left some tourists in town, I come across this little take away pizzeria in the Trastevere area. From the outside nothing major. I could hardly read what was written on the sign.

The thing that caught my attention more than anything else was to see locals queuing here. When there’s such a thing, there’s only one reasonable explanation: they sell good stuff. The place was fairly crowded for that time of the day and for the emptiness which surrounded the area.

Many kinds of food, apart from the pizza, came out of the ovens placed there, Supplì (fried rice in tomato sauce with mozzarella), Arancini (a variation of the supplì but bigger in size), and what held my interest even more was that people came asking a take away portion or even half portion of pasta which was expressly cooked. Can you believe that? I found all of that not typical but extraordinary. I ordered some food and after having finished it I went back and got some more. It was like my mother’s cooking.

From that day onwards “I supplì” became one of my favourite take away spots.

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