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  1. We enjoyed a lovely real Italian diner, cooked by Tiziano. Local ingredients, fresh and tastfull Italian flavors, well prepared and be prepared; it a lot..! The athmosphere was relexed. It was nice that his mum joined us, even though she doesn’t speak English. It was a great experience to take local transportation and travel to an area you would normally not visit in Rome. A real authentic experience, definately worth trying.

  2. I attended an Italian wine & food appreciation evening Tiziano was hosting in Kuching, Malaysia. It was such a great evening. Tiziano was a fantastic host with an extensive knowledge of Italian wine. The Italian food with the Italian wine was also wonderfully paired.
    I learnt so much from just an evening and had such a good time! Definitely something you don’t want to miss!

  3. We really enjoyed the wine appreciation at The Granary, Kuching. Its definitely something different altogether when you taste food and wine as opposed to just attending a wine tasting. it also was nice to understand a little bit more of where it all came from. Thank you so much Tiziano; for the insight and stories! Truly worth it :)

  4. I enjoyed the Italian experience Tiziano brought to my humble hometown in Borneo. He was knowledgable and kept everyone entertained throughout the dinner. Hope I will one day be able to experience the real Italy in Rome with Tiziano

  5. It’s been a wonderful experience having a local dinner of home made Italian dinelner with an authentic Italian Chef and his lovely mom! The food is so good! The water is best! Tiziano is also very accomodating for touring me around after an impromptu request. I highly recommend this experience!

  6. The evening was great. We get to Tiziano’s house, where his lovely mom was waiting for us. Tiziano was friendly and very interesting conversation partner to both of us. We started with mineral water and bottle of white Muscat wine fresh bruschettas, and anti pasti (zucchini and eggplant). Then we ate pasta with fresh pesto, and eggplant lazania. We finish with great tiramisu! (We are vegetarian so the food was without sea food or meat). The whole experience was lovely, the food was delicious and we had great time talking with Tiziano and his mom. Recommanded!!!

  7. I’ve joined Tiziano’s event with my boyfriend and another guy during our stay in Rome. He prepared us amazing Italian meals from the best quality ingredients. He explained us how real Italian food is made and what is different in the ones we can find in restaurants and other countries. We had a really nice chat, it was a pity that we had to finish to catch the last metro. I recommend this event for everyone, if we are going visit Rome again, we sure will visit you.

  8. Tiziano is a very good Chef! I met up with him to try his local food event and it became one of the highlight of my short but sweet trip to Rome. He is also very accommodating for giving me a tour in the city despite the impromptu request. I highly recommend Tiziano! Thanks for you and your mom’s hospitality!

  9. Tiziano is a great guy! He was very hospitabale open and pleasent. The same goes for his mom. Tiziano showed his little garden of vegetables and spices. He prepared several delicious dishes and even let us take part in the making process. We got to know a lot of tips, tricks and information in general of how to cook proper italian food. Moreover Tiziano helped us more than he should, even whithout asking. The whole experience was amazing! Thank you Tiziano!

  10. Tiziano hosted myself along with 2 others for one of his homemade Roman meals. If was incredible and a great experience. He made ‘gricia’ which is a roman pasta dish with pigs cheek. His mom was also adorable. Very gracious host and nice man. Definitely worth trying

  11. My wife and I joined Tiziano and his lovely mother for dinner at their apartment. He prepared a delicious meal for us and talked us through the importance of using the correct ingredients in preparing authentic Italian cuisine. Both the food and his company were excellent. In fact, we enjoyed chatting with him so much that we had to rush back to the metro before it closed!

  12. We enjoyed a great tour in Rome. We learned many new facts about the city. (e.g. the popular name of the little water fountains, the big nose). And later that day we had a great dinner at Tiziano’s place. It was the perfect way to start our stay in Rome because it helped us to get a feel for the city and the places that we wanted to explore in more detail. (We visited the Musei Capitolini that Tiziano recommended and enjoyed that very much. The view from the roof terrace was spectacular. Thanks Tiziano.

  13. Tiziano was kind enough to host dinner for myself, my girlfriend, and two other guests despite me not having ANY previous references. He invited us to his home and to have fresh made Italian food. The food was delicious and he moderated our company with great expertise. I am glad for his kindness and insight. He is open, sociable and knowledgable. If you have a chance to attend dinner with him, you will not regret it. It is a welcome change of pace from the hustle and bustle of Rome.

  14. After a busy day in Rome it was great to have a home cooked meal with Tiziano! He really knows his food and wine, and dinner was outstanding! Great food, great drinks, and great company! I would recommend anyone to try his cooking! It was a very special experience, and I learned so much! Thank you Tiziano!!

  15. I had my first experience at his Cooking class. I enjoyed it so much and would recommend everyone to join it when you have a chance to visit Rome. He also showed me some places in Rome and taught me about the history which I couldn’t find in my Japanese guidebook.
    Thank you for making my stay easier and more meaningful in Rome.

  16. Tiziano is a great cook, but then again, I’m not the most sophisticated eater – I enjoy a home cooked meal more than anything, and since I was traveling alone, it was great to share the meal with someone who has such pleasure in cooking and have a some pleasant conversation. My purpose was to have a real Italian home cooked meal and he took his time even though I was the only one he was cooking for. I learned some fast simple recipes from him that I have been cooking quite often ever since. Basil is my favorite thing to use while cooking ever since

  17. Tiziano is a perfect cook and has the classical Italian cheer. I had join his event and had a great life. He is cooking, cheering you up and give a lot of tips about the real Italian culture. If you are sick of beign a tourist in the restaurants with unhappy waitress, go for his event. You will not regret. Plus you can meet also with other foodlovers and have nice chat too. What can I say more, thanks for the lovely evening. Have the best!

  18. My friend and I ate dinner with Titziano and it was absolutely wonderful! The food was delicious, the company was enjoyable and Titziano was a wonderful teacher! Hopefully we will meet again, we had an amazing experience

  19. I finished my week in Rome with this cooking event at Tiziano’s place, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! Tiziano have a real passion for food and I got some good insights into the Italian cuisine and how to improve my own cooking. On top of that I helped some with the cooking and got served a delicious three course meal over great conversations, a well recommended event if in Rome!

  20. I will be traveling to Rome for the first time in just a few short weeks. His blog: has been an amazing resource to take in the culture experience from a local perspective. Very excited to do many things on his list. I’d highly recommend checking his blog out if you foresee traveling to Rome in the near future!

  21. I met him at his Italian homemade cooking party. it was my first time to join “a couch surfing “party.
    Although I was nervous a bit, his friendly and open mind character made me feel relief.
    he can speak English fluently, so I could communicate with him well.
    I definitely enjoyed his party. I recommend his party strongly. if I have a chance to visit Rome again, I absolutely join the party, again. the meal is pretty nice!! it was the best cuisine I ate in Rome. cuz restaurants in Roma is for tourists, so all of them were so expensive and not so delicious. but, Tiziano’s cook was really delicious and not so expensive.
    I ate a lot and got drunk:D I appreciate his hospitality.
    thank you!!

  22. Looking for things to do in Rome I’ve found Tiziano’s blog What a great source for people who want to get off the beaten path (of course there are also all the major attractions) and on the other hand are not ready to go through hundreds of pages. I also liked the food section and all the recommendations marked as author’s favourite. Thanks Tiziano!

  23. I joined his dinner event! Although I had a problem to decide the date, he was always kind to me. Thanks to him, I could learn how to cook local Italian dishes, make Moka, and their culture. He already had many experiences and understood other cultures very well, so it was very fun to talk with him:) Thank you for the dinner! hope we can meet again:)

  24. I met Tiziano at his house for one of his dinner events. We were 3 guests, myself and my parents. Tiziano was a great conversationalist and really explained Italian food culture and the methods in which food is chosen and prepared. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and I can’t wait to make the pesto recipe he showed me!

    Tiziano also recommended some stellar places to eat in the city through the webpage Spotted By Locals. The gelato at Giolitti was amazing!! :)

    I highly recommend eating with Tiziano and allowing him to introduce you to Rome! Good luck with your future endeavors, Tiziano! Hope to see you again somewhere in the world.

  25. It was a great pleasure to meet Tiziano – not only for his skills as Master Chef, but also because of his very warm & friendly personality. He definitely is an interesting person. He loves what he’s doing and he does care to do his best! We had great time and nice talk over delicious food and very pleasant walk around Rome on the next day. Thank you and see you again!

  26. It was an amazing experience. Food was delicious, you are very attentive to details and not to mention the wines. Reinforcing what I said, I will recommend you to all my Brazilian friends. Good luck with your life plans, I hope you get to accomplish them!

  27. Before going to Rome I was thinking about how to make my staying in Rome more interesting and unusual. Unexpectedly Tiziano’s home made cooking made my trip! My evening with Tiziano and Emily was amazing! It was one of my best evenings in Rome. We laughed a lot, drank tasty wine and of course we ate!!! We ate a lot and diverse! It was extremely delicious and super Italian!))) If you’re searching for an Italian atmosphere and Italian meals you MUST visit Tiziano’s home made cooking. Tiziano surely won’t leave you without good mood and great memories. ;)

  28. Tiziano was very kind to arrange a lunch event when I informed him that I’m not available for dinner. When we met, he was very warm and he made us feel very comfortable. Food we shared was also very tasty and fresh. I’m very glad I met him. I will meet with him again when I come back to Rome. :)

  29. I heard this city from the books and movies before I knew him.
    It was really amazing time with him and his nice guests.

    He gave me the wonderful present.
    His home made cooking class was full of informative and fun.
    Every food I tried was delicious and tasty.

    He let me know What is really Pasta and Italian foods.
    Some of the ingredient were hard to get in my Country.(East Asia)
    He told us the ‘alternative’.
    When we didn’t understand the herb, showed it from his tiny garden.(balcony) It was really useful.

    I can say that the time with him was “ROMAN HOLIDAY, version 2015″.

  30. WOW! I had the wonderful opportunity to dine in Tiziano’s home with his charming mother. I am so happy I found Tiziano!

    Tiziano communicated with me frequently and was kind enough to meet me at the Metro station to drive me to his home for an incredible, home cooked, Italian meal. I must say, it was probably the best meal I ate in Europe during my month’s stay!

    If you have the opportunity, skip the lame touristy “taste of tours” and dine with Tiziano!

  31. I had a very lovely time with both Tiziano and his girlfriend. He is super knowledgeable about Italian cuisine and shared all that he could in our short time together. He even appointed me assistant chef and I helped to make the bruschetta and risotto. Too bad his lady and I kept talking. Hahaha…I don’t think the food would have come out as well if he wasn’t there to keep me in order.

    Tiziano, thanks for everything. I’ll never forget this experience and look forward to making a return for gnocchi. And please forward me the recipe for those dishes. I would love to show family and friends all the tips I have learned.

  32. I joined Tiziano’s culinary event at his place, and found it a very worthy experience. He let me help a bit with his dishes, and showed me how an authentic Italian dinner was really like through our four-course dinner. Thank you once again Tiziano for this great experience. I would recommend this event for those who don’t want just another mainstream meal in a touristy restaurant in Rome.

  33. My girlfriend and I attended one of Tiziano’s culinary events at his house. He was an exceptional host from beginning to end. He picked us up at the nearby metro station with a smile and made us both feel at ease. His home was beautiful and the food was incredible. There was no lack of full portions of delicious Italian food and wine. He is very knowledgable about both culture and cuisine and was very interesting to speak to. I give my highest recommendations of Tiziano and his events and encourage anyone looking for an authentic Italian experience to attend one of his events.

  34. I just dropped by Tiziano’s place for the food event and turned out he opened my eyes in cooking. I wouldn’t have imagined the Italian cuisine could be prepared in such a simple way. Simple, but healthy and tasty. I really admire Tiziano’s passion in cooking and keep running this food event for experiencing the Italian culture. Really appreciate your effort and keep it up Tiziano!

  35. I attended one of cooking events at Tiziano’s place the first night I came to Italy and have to say it was the nicest “welcoming party” I’ve ever had)))
    Tiziano disproved my idea of Italians, but in a very good and positive way. He is such a kind, mature and deep person. Talking to Tiziano felt like talking to a dear friend, so sympathetic and caring he was.
    Tiziano also guided me around Rome which was wonderful as he knows the city very well and can tell you a lot of interesting and curious facts about Roman sights.
    And by the way, I tried tiramisu in many cities in Italy, but no one can cook it better than Tiziano :-)

  36. The Italian cooking workshop that I attended with Tiziano has been one of the best I have ever attended. Tiz shared a lot of information on the ingredients used, history of the dishes, the order in which each dish had to be consumed and also taught me to taste good wine. He went out of his way to also give me the feel of each herb that he grows in his home which was commendable. Tiz also showed me around a bit. View point, oldest and largest park in Rome and gave me a lot of tips on where I can travel and see places etc. He is a very enthusiastic and energetic person with a constant and genuine smile on his face. It was a pleasure surfing at your place Tiz and an even awesome evening learning to prepare Italian food. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Lastly, I have already made one of the starters at my home and my family loves it a lot.

  37. Seeing Rome with Tiziano is the best way to learn, hear and truly experience this ancient and yet very modern city. We had a fact-filled, three hour tour today and was the best use of our short time here. This was my third visit to Rome but the first for my son and a good friend. Tiziano was wonderful! We saw so many places that the large guided tours probably never go to and we saw everything with someone who became an immediate friend.
    But that’s not all!~ We enjoyed so much having a home made meal at his home the night before where we learned the origin of pesto (what a delicious dish!) and felt so welcome!
    I will come back to Rome and hope that Tiziano will take me on another tour of more of the many places, art and history that Rome has to offer!

  38. I joined Tiziano for an authentic Italian dinner together with my brother and Julian. He cooked us Italian food — bruschetta, grilled eggplant, fresh pasta, Italian meatloaf, and tiramisu — using his own recipes. I don’t eat eggplant, but the one Tiziano served us tasted great. We also shared a bottle of red wine and took shots of Limoncello and espresso to end the night. I had a good time getting to know him and the Italian culture.

  39. My time with Tizi was quite enjoyable and one of the best memories for me in Italy. He took me to the parks and gave me a lot of lessons of Roman history :D His dishes were amazing, i helped him cook and he taught me some of the greatest recipes of typical Italian cuisines. There was great wine and hand picked pine nuts, his selection of hams and cheeses, spring water that he travelled far to get… All that i can only hope for when i was travelling in Italy for brief few days. Best wishes Tizi, thanks for being so friendly and nice, i would certainly miss your food and you :)

  40. We, two Dutch couples, enjoyed a homemade meal at Tiziano’s house. It was a great experience. Tiziano was a good host. He told passionate about Italian cuisine and its ingredients. We also met Tiziano’s dear mother. Homemade Italian Cooking-Food experience is highly recommended. If you want to meet a friendly, cheerful and warm person and also are looking for a good Italian cook and passionate guide, go to Tiziano!!!!!!

  41. I was in Tiziano’s cooking class and it was the BEST!
    You can never have this kind of freshest meal in town. From the drinking water to the every ingredients used for cooking is hand picked by himself from the regional places and I learnd some how to cook haha.
    With one another Austrailian guy who loves to cook also we had a wonderful night and I hope lots of people could have the same experience. Thanks Tiziano!

  42. I met Tiziano through his Italian cooking class, and have only positive things to say! It ended up being only me, Tiziano, and his mother the night I went to his place, so I was treated to a personal cooking experience, DELICIOuS food and wine, and very interesting conversation with Tiziano! I highly recommend the cooking class, and just meeting Tiziano for a great time!

  43. When travelling in Rome I had the pleasure of meeting Tiziano, who was very welcoming to introduce the history and culture of his city.
    He offered an authentic home cooked meal which I appriciated grately. I am sure that without the help from this warm and enthusiastic guy I would not have managed to take the maximum out of my short stay in the eternal city.

  44. Thanks to Tizi, I travelled the unusual path, tasted the aunthentic Italian food, talked + acted like an Italian with an Italian, walked with live talking history book, and many many many more~ Rome in 1 day! Vatican City the next! Compact and Perfect, without the Map! 1 word to describe him, FANTA-BULOUS (fantastic + fabulous)!!! If you need a friend in Rome, find ‘Rome Local Friend’ (: Mille grazie Tizi.

  45. I was around in Rome two times with this very very amazing guide…
    In a few hours I discovered Rome in a way that a tourist normally never face it.
    I have learned interesting things about Rome and seen interesting and lovely place that tourist will not find with standard guides.
    And above all I really had a lot of fun and I have found a friend in Rome.
    If Rome, then only with Tiziano … Thank you very much :-)

  46. If you ever fancy to go to Rome, please visit this amazing, smiling, welcoming and passionate person who is Tiziano. He will guide you through Rome and will show you all the secret and historic places of this city full of surprises …

  47. Tiziano was so completely wonderful! My visit and shared meal with he and his mom was, by far, the highlight of my experience in Rome! I forgot to leave a reference right after I visited him in July, but time has only improved my memory of the experience.
    The meal was so delicious and the company and conversation made it a hundred times better. It was a treat to experience genuine Italian cooking and to contribute to making it. Tiziano also prides himself on making fantastic coffee…And for someone who can’t really take black coffee, I have to tell you…It was the most wonderful smooth espresso I have ever tasted. He’s an expert!
    He met me at the train station and was very kind and welcoming. His mother welcomed us (two other guests showed up besides myself) into her home with open arms and heart. I think I fell in love with her a little. :)
    Do yourself a favor- at least meet with Tiziano! He is a treasure and you will never regret gaining his friendship!
    Thanks Tiziano-both you and your mom!

  48. If you are fortunate enough to know someone in the place you are travelling to, you know you are in for a different travel experience. Seeing a city through the eyes of one that lives there, learning of things you probably would not have found out through travel books, and experiencing the daily life of a local is one of the best and unique ways to travel.
    Luckily for us, we were able to connect with Tiziano on our first, and most certainly not our last trip to Rome. Not only is Tiziano an attentive and knowledgeable host, his friendly demeanour and charming personality makes it so easy to be friends.
    If you want a different experience in Rome, make sure you get in contact with Tiziano… besides… you really do not want to miss the great meal that Mamma Tiziano makes… there is nothing like Italian hospitality, nothing like a home cooked meal!
    Needless to say, we will be back ;)

  49. Tiziano is able to gift a pure taste of Italy! :) It was a true authentic experience to have a dinner at his house – real Italian food cooked by real Italian hands (Tiziano’s and his mom’s, who is a lovely cute lady :) It’s a chance not just to eat, but also to see how the food is made and participate in the process.
    What I enjoyed the most about Tiziano apart from the food :), is that he’s a great conversation companion with a good sense of humor (which took a while to get :). I learned a lot about Italy and Italians. I’m happy we spend time together and I definetely recommend this guy!

  50. Tiziano is a great guy, so kind, so warm, so friendly and so smiling :) He has such a great personality and he made me feel like we known each other for long time. Very helpful, he knows everything in his beautiful home the amazing and gorgeous Rome. Grazie per tutto caro amico Tiziano!! Ciao, bello!! <3 Tu amica Mar.

  51. How I’m going to say with this gentlemen. He is super nice person, highly recommended if you wanna look for local host or guide. Multi tallented person. Glad I have a chance to have lunch and dinner experience with him and his mom in his place. Even I have no chance to explore the city with him due to our tight schedule, he made my stay in Rome with incredible experience. I really love the food they served from starter to dessert. His mom is the best chef :). Hope to meet you again Tizi and explore more the city with you.

  52. I have no idea how to say how wonderful it was to meet Tiziano…he was all the above and more. I had an adventure with a missing cell phone within an hour of meeting him.
    He helped me solve my imaged emergency and became a good friend.
    The 3 tours , one with 2 of my friends, were fabulous !! His enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine love of his city and country were constantly evident.
    And lunch with his mother , what a treat !!
    Thank you Tiziano….I can hardly wait to return.

  53. Probably one of our best moments in Rome, if not the best: the preparation of lunch with Tiziano and his mother.
    We decided to have the experience of a real sunday lunch, home made food, to get a real sense of the local culture.
    This was fantastic. The food was delicious, and we learnt a few tips as well. Sitting at the table, sharing a meal and conversations is the best way to learn about italy and rome, especially with Tiziano and his mother, who is a real sweetie.
    We would come back for sure and recommend to anyone who is interested in getting a real sense of the local life to have this experience.
    Mille grazie Tiziano and bacci to your mother!

  54. Usually the preparation of the dinners are organized on weekends but Tiziano still managed to arrange a lunch for me on a Thursday. Thank you so much! All things on the table were fresh and delicious. I just found my favorite–salami! :) Tiziano and his lovely mother are very friendly. After lunch we had a nice talk about Roman history which just brought me some knowledge about this amazing city that I might have missed without Tiziano. Thank you so much to make my trip in Rome perfect!
    Don’t miss the chance to meet Tiziano! Everyone needs a Rome Local Friend!

  55. Tiziano.. cool guy.. easy to talk too n he really know in and out of Rome. He was returning the favour by taking us on a Rome City tour. He shows us the secret passage to cross the city n the best gelato in the town. We’re so lucky to have him as we got to learn a lot about Roma. If not, we would just be busy taking pictures of ourselves. haha. The most funniest thing is , he would poke us if we’re not listening. We are hard bunch of gurls who mind always wandering. Thanks Tizi, u are the best..

  56. Tiziano helped me a lot during my trip to Rome: even before I arrived he sent me a message offering to help with tips and suggestions of what to do in his city (he also writes a blog about it and he’s great at it!)
    Well, to make things even better, he took me and my friend out in the city and that was one of the best afternoons I’ve had during the trip! He drove us around Rome and gave us a lot of suggestions of what to do in the upcoming days (he knows his city really well!!).
    Thanks a lot for everything, Tiziano!

  57. It was a big luck to meet Tiziano in Roma! I should miss a lot of very nice places and hidden miracles of Eternal City without his qualified and patient assistant! Thank you, my friend.

  58. All Roads Lead to Rome”– exactly!! My Road is also finally is leading to Rome! Although I don’t have much time there, I hope to see it as a Local, enjoy it as a local and breath in the Roman beauty as a local!! Tiziano, I look forward to meeting you and enjoy Rome and its beauty with your eyes! Will keep you informed about my travels and thanking you for all your advice till now. See you soon! Ciao!

  59. Tiziano had prepared a fantastic itinerary for my time in Rome … Even suggesting good areas for accommodation, the best airport for easy access to the city and obviously really good places to eat and drink.
    The tours were so interesting and informative but at the same time lots of fun and completely different to the rushed ones that I usually find myself taking!
    He made me feel as though I was part of the city not just an onlooker … I felt as though he was telling me secrets about ‘his Rome’ that no one else knew and showing views of the city as no one else had seen them before.
    Tiziano’s passion and knowledge of his city injected me with such enthusiasm its left me thirsty for more …..
    I so …..oo recommend Tiz and Rome …. His tours include so much more than you could ever imagine.
    I also recommend the chocolate cup shots available on Vicolo del Cinque in Trastevere!

  60. My visit to Rome was much happier, satisfying and enriched with the advent of our local friend, Tiziano :))
    Tiziano is knowledgeable, resourceful, and always ready to help with whatever your query might be…. all this with alarmingly, charming, slightly accented, perfect English. He will lead you through crowded, narrow streets, passing from one historical site to another, encompassing years of history, periods , battles, architecture.., pointing marvelous discreet details along the way, and finally taking a rest in the most beautiful and picturesque views. There is so much to learn, that I will do it all over again on my next visit!!
    Tiziano, is not only meticulous, hard working and attentive to his client – giving you his undivided attention, but he is more than that. He is truly, a friend! And you won’t get that from any agency! Thank you, Tiziano for a wonderful experience, and for after all this time, you’re still supplying me with useful tips of information!

  61. Sometimes you meet people and you feel comfortable with them. This is what happened, 5 minutes after we met at P. di Spagna we were talking and laughing like old friends meeting :)
    Titz is a lovely guy funny, respectful and so helpful; he took me around and helped me visit spots that are not always in the guides and classical tours :) cheerful, with a fantastic sens of humor, he speak a perfect English. I recommend you both meeting tiziano and read his articles.
    Tiziano thank you for making my vacation in Rome unforgettable !!!