Discover the Churches of Rome

churchChurches are one of the main attractions and one of the must do things in Rome! In the city where Christianity began many centuries ago, it is quite normal to have hundreds of them. You may wonder if Italians are so Catholic to go every Sunday to attend mass, and while we are traditionally Christian, not of all us go to church on a weekly basis. But we do go at least once a year, at Christmas.

Throughout history, the building of those religious temples became a propagandistic way to show off the popes’ power. And it is in these beautiful buildings where you will find hidden treasures.

Another matter which is to be understood is the ancientness of those sacred places. In fact some churches in Rome are as old or even older than many countries in the world. Some of them are actually 800 to 1900 years old even though Christianity was only recognized in Rome in the 4th century AC (380).

Mostly churches are not to be missed not for their religious purpose but more for the pieces of art which are held inside. Although from the outside they may look plain and dull, inside it is completely another world. A world of art, masterpieces, centuries of work, prospective games, engineering, light and darkness, symbols, colorful marbles, curved wood, giant columns, amazing pilasters, beautiful altars, astonishing statues, surprising ceilings. Either you are a Christian or not, a believer or not, you should definitely see and admire these amazing timeless buildings of worship. You will be surprised by their treasures, shocked by their beauty, amazed by their majesty…their legends, their architecture.

Not all the churches are the same, that is also true. But wonder behind first appearances. Contact me and I will take you past the unsuspecting exteriors to discover the hidden treasures inside, I will show you what you shouldn’t miss!

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