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Check how the espresso is prepared!

Not everybody likes to drink coffee and not all coffees are the same. But if you appreciate a good coffee, when you come to Rome, you will learn how coffee is part of the Italian culture. In Italy, we drink our coffee in Cafe’s and Bars, and every few meters you will find a place that sells coffee. Here in Rome, Starbucks and Costa have not taken over yet, because in our Cafe’s and Bars, you can find a better coffee which is also a better value for money. When you are out and about, sightseeing and exploring Rome, getting a coffee is easy, but what if you want to have the same coffee at home?

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Eggplant – Seasonal Food in Rome

eggplantEggplants are in season from July to September, and I love to serve these to my guests as it is a popular dish for the locals in Rome. Like many with many of the dishes I prepare, it is important that the eggplants are fresh, so I ensure the ones I pick are the skins are bright and vivid, with no creases or wrinkles, and that the stalk is green.

To prepare the eggplant, I slice and grill them in a small tray. After doing that I seasoned them with sea salt and olive oil. Then I marinate each slice with a fresh mixture made of parsley, mint, garlic and olive oil.. let stand for a little while, and they are ready! Read More …

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Best ice cream


Ice cream Rome

There are many excellent ice-cream shops in town. How to choose the best ones then?
Personally I check a couple of things before deciding where to get my gelato.

First of all, I avoid the ones in obvious touristic spots like Trevi, Colosseo, Piazza di Spagna and so on. Avoid also ice-cream kiosks.
Secondly, I pay attention to the number of flavours they sell. The more they display, and so apparently appealing, the less genuine they are.

However, my favourite ones in town are:

Giolitti – Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40
Gelarmony – Via Marcantonio Colonna, 34
Angolo del gelato – Via Trionfale, 75

Read the full article about other gelaterias

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Tiramisu I do understand that for most visitors to Italy, that when it comes to having an Italian dessert, they are familiar with Panna cotta, Gelato and Tiramisù, after all these are the most popular ones available overseas. I have had many people ask me where they can get authentic Tiramisù in Rome, and I tell them, at my place of course!

In Rome, most of the places sell these desserts because they know the tourists would like these, but in any cases they are probably not even made by an Italian! With ice cream it is easy to get it right, as almost everywhere you will find ones of good quality, especially when comparing with the ones sold abroad. However, the same cannot be said for Panna cotta and Tiramisù. Read More …

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Fresh Pressed Olive Oil


Olive treeWhenever I meet travellers from other countries or more specifically, other continents, I am often asked about olive
oil. So here I am trying to put my knowledge about it and some information together for a common use. My experience goes back to when I was a kid and at my grandparents’ house, we used to gather as a whole family for this yearly happening, to collect these precious seeds from the trees. Here is a little guide about this tree:

Olives are very common in the Mediterranean, and have become very popular nearly everywhere in the world.
You may find them in any supermarket nowadays. But why has this growth in popularity reached almost every corner of the world? Read More …

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Cooking with Fresh Produce

VegetablesYes, we are very fanatic about food. Sometimes people from abroad do not really get why it can take us ages to prepare a meal.

Let me start with saying, that for Italians what really matters is the quality of our food that they we are going to ingest. Eating is not at all a procedure of stomach filling but much more a celebration, pleasure for our body and mind. A sharing experience. A chance to talk and to enjoy life. First of all, it has to be healthy, this means the origin, freshness, taste – quality of the ingredients are very important.

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Bruschetta home made

BruschettaI am a food lover, I really can’t help it much. So depending on the season, I prepare and cook different dishes to please my appetite.
Are you the same too? In summer, as soon as the heat starts to hit this city, tomatoes are ripe and ready to be picked. Delicious when eaten as they are, but even better seasoned – I make my own bruschetta. It is indeed a simple dish to prepare. But first of all, how is it pronounced? Brus-ketta or Brushetta? Do we need garlic or onion? Basil or parsley?Toasted or fresh bread?

The ingredients I use are the best you can get.

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The world at my table – Colourful people

I would like to thank the guests who have taken the time to come to my place, for a typical Read More …

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Pesto home made

PestoI am sure many of you, pushed by curiosity, have tried pesto sauce at least one. Maybe ordered in an Italian restaurant with 

whatsoever kind of pasta, or bought it in your favourite supermarket in your home country. Did it taste good? Was its flavour strong, its aroma genuine and fresh and at the same time light and rich? Do you really like to know how does taste the real one, freshly made with olive oil directly from the mill, basil straight from my home grown plants? I guess the only way to find out is to come to my place then!  Read More …

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Lasagna home made

Home cooking

When it comes to eating Italian food what is the most mouthwatering dish you can think of? Lasagna is definitely one of them!

I am sure when you go out to Italian restaurants you may find this typical dish almost everywhere. But after you try the home made one you will certainly understand the difference from a touristic, industrial food to the authentic one, tasty one.

In fact Lasagna is a dish with a long cooking procedure. It has many varieties all over the country. Read More …

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I supplì – Best supplì in Rome

I Supplì

On a quiet lazy noon, after having shown and left some tourists in town, I come across this little take away pizzeria in the Trastevere area. From the outside nothing major. I could hardly read what was written on the sign.

The thing that caught my attention more than anything else was to see locals queuing here. When there’s such a thing, there’s only one reasonable explanation: they sell good stuff. The place was fairly crowded for that time of the day and for the emptiness which surrounded the area. Read More …

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