Gianicolo Hill Cannon


Did you know that every day at exactly midday, a cannon is fired on Gianicolo hill, just a little below the Garibaldi monument?
If you ever happen to be here make sure, a few minutes before midday, that you do not miss the chance to hear the cannon being fired. The story behind this happening is quite funny and witty. In fact in the old days having a watch was too expensive and luxurious. People on those times relied, then, on the midday church ringing. The problem was that every church would ring their noon at different times.
So, from 1847 the Pope in charge, Pio IX, introduced this procedure to regularize all the churches’ bells.

On quiet days, especially Sundays, when the city is less noisy, you can hear the shooting right in the city centre. Of course it is much more exciting to be on Gianicolo, where also many locals, families and kids come to listen to it. It is also a nice walk uphill from the famous Trastevere district. From here you can also admire the astonishing panorama of the city. Definitely one of the must do things in Rome!


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