Bruschetta home made

BruschettaI am a food lover, I really can’t help it much. So depending on the season, I prepare and cook different dishes to please my appetite.
Are you the same too? In summer, as soon as the heat starts to hit this city, tomatoes are ripe and ready to be picked. Delicious when eaten as they are, but even better seasoned – I make my own bruschetta. It is indeed a simple dish to prepare. But first of all, how is it pronounced? Brus-ketta or Brushetta? Do we need garlic or onion? Basil or parsley?Toasted or fresh bread?

The ingredients I use are the best you can get.

Home grown tomatoes seasoned with olive oil bought from a mill and sea salt, basil picked from the garden served on fresh bread baked in wooden oven — this is what I serve to my guests! It is one of the most popular dishes that they help me prepare.

Although the procedure is quite simple, the result is tasty and mouthwatering.
What really matters is not how many ingredients are used, but the quality which boosts the flavour up! Why don’t you join me?

Buon appetito!

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