Bialetti Moka Pot


Check how the espresso is prepared!

Not everybody likes to drink coffee and not all coffees are the same. But if you appreciate a good coffee, when you come to Rome, you will learn how coffee is part of the Italian culture. In Italy, we drink our coffee in Cafe’s and Bars, and every few meters you will find a place that sells coffee. Here in Rome, Starbucks and Costa have not taken over yet, because in our Cafe’s and Bars, you can find a better coffee which is also a better value for money. When you are out and about, sightseeing and exploring Rome, getting a coffee is easy, but what if you want to have the same coffee at home?

When you visit an Italian home, you will always find a coffee maker that is used on a daily basis. These Italian coffee makers are called “Moka” and takes the name from a place in Yemen, where the coffee was sold, in olden times. I, for example, have four Moka pots of different sizes and I use them depending on how many people I have around. Yes, you can learn the skill of making a good coffee, but not only will you need good coffee beans, you need an excellent coffee maker too. I am quite sure you can find the Moka coffee makers anywhere but there is only one brand that you should buy, that is “Bialetti”, which took the name from the guy who invented it last century, this is the same brand that most Italian families use.

Check how the Espresso is prepared!

I have been asked many times by my guests and customers about the best place to buy a Moka in Rome, what the price is, and whether they are good or not. So, there is this new shop for everyone who is interested. (The address is Largo Chigi, 00187 Rome Here they sell traditional and modern Moka’s as well as other cooking gadgets. Come here and pay a visit to this shop, you will be amazed by the varieties of shapes, and colors that the coffee makers are made in. The price ranges from €22.90 Moka for 1 cup to €60.90 Moka for 8 cups. If you want to have a good cup of Italian coffee, you can get yourself a Moka coffee maker, and have a little piece of Italy when you are back home.


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