Are you a teetotaller?

WineAs an Italian I do enjoy drinking now and then even if that does not happen daily.

In our culture drinking is a social habit for mostly everyone. It is a lot about sharing a special celebration, a meal, a time with someone, a night out, a gathering with friends.

In other words, drinking is an action we do to be part of a moment. Surely, eventually you may get tipsy or even merry and that is perfectly allowed.
That does not have to be associated with passing the limit.

What it is, instead, very uncommon and strange is misbehave and that is where people would start to avoid you and look down on you.

So drink as much as you like but never loose the grip of it.

On the other hand, hearing someone, after you invite them for a drink, saying “I do not drink ” is seen as a closure attitude and can also be quite rude and would definitely puts people around you off towards you. It is, for our culture, a sign of disrespect or a snobbish attitude.

So if you happen to be asked to drink something and you are a teetotaller, think about it and hopefully your answer would be different.

Trying some wine is not a sin and you may end up even enjoy it.


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